Intelligent Monitor System

More and more led screens are used for building facade advertising, billboard and expressway advertising. Normally, these screens are fixed outside or far away from office, how to monitor the work status is a problem we need to face.
Recently, we worked out a solution to solve this problem to make sure led screen working status is in your control with below 11aspects:
To monitor sending cards works
To monitor receiving card works
To monitor led screen cabinets’ temperature
To detect monitor card works
To monitor led screen cabinets’ humidity status
To detect whether any smock in cabinet or not
To monitor fan works
To monitor power supply works
To monitor flat cable works
To detect door is closed or not
To monitor led module works (Each dot led and every pieces of drive IC can be monitor)

Any abnormal situation will be detected and reported. To offer a perfect solution to our clients, to remote monitor your outdoor screen works, to save labor cost to check screen working status, you need such an intelligence led screen system.